Foreign Workers Flood Bali, Locals Start to Raise Concerns

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Foreign Workers Flood Bali, Locals Start to Raise Concerns

Bericht door manis » di mar 25, 2014 5:41 pm

Bali started to worry about the number of foreign workers in the island, as they begin to take over nearly all business sectors. Ketut Rasna from the Naval Tourism Enterpreneurs Association (Gahawisri) said that "[he] has even discovered a diving service provider whose workers are all foreigners."

Rasna said that the foreign workers has no fear of any inspection, unless it is carried out by the immigration office. Rasna mentioned that to address the issue, the immigration office should conduct inspections more often to restore order.

Rasna added that foreign worker's competence are often below that of local workers. He pointed out the recent death of a Japanese diver in Nusa Lembongan, where the victim was not accompanied by a local guide who truly understands the natural condition of the region.

Similar complaint was delivered by Gde Nurjaya, the Chief of Pekraman Village General Counsel (MUDP). He mentioned that there have been cases where a foreigner came and married to a local girl, then setting a business under his wife's name. ... e-Concerns

This girl seems to be a nationalist, read her tweet:

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