The natural, rich taste of Nias cuisine

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The natural, rich taste of Nias cuisine

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“Pork is the predominant part of any celebration and meal of the people of Nias in general, especially in South Nias,” Waspada Au told a culinary tour group organized by Azanaya, a foodie community exploring the diverse styles of Indonesian cuisine and introducing it to society without commercial ends.

For this reason, pork has quite high value among members of this ethnic group. At every festivity or party, the host has to make available at least a whole boiled pig to be distributed to guests according to their status. “The most respected one at the party receives part of the head, the next receives the jaws,” added Waspada.


The Tano Niha-speaking community, the local language for Nias, is very strict in this respect. They know whether the portions of pork they receive are suited to their rank in the family or not, in terms of quantity as well as body part.

“The Nias community is well familiar with pig anatomy,” Waspada jokingly remarked.

The tour group got full exposure to the cuisine of South Nias. Apart from the boiled pig as the main specialty of Nias festivities, there was also Babae, soup prepared from nuts known in Nias as fakhe harita. “The nuts are special because they only grow in the stony areas of Nias,” said Noniawati Telaumbanua. Noni, as she is known, is from Medan but married a man from Nias. She researched the community and culture of Nias for her thesis when studying in Vienna, Austria.

Noni indicated that many people got to know Nias after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami hit the island regency off the western coast of North Sumatra. Actually, Europeans had been familiar with Nias centuries earlier for its spices and other natural riches. Photographs of Nias locals in the 1800s are found at a museum in Vienna. ... isine.html

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